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Matt has trained with master clown teacher, and original Lecoq student, Pierre Byland in Ticino, Switzerland, and with Jane Nichols and Chris Bayes in New York City.

Matt has been creating original work with the clown troupe Logic Limited, Ltd. since 2008, including TiVo la Resistance, The Naked Clown Ballet, and Philip & Buddy's Super Amazing Ventriloquist Bit of Awesomeness


You can currently see Matt and the rest of the Logic crew in their monthly socially-distanced, Zoom-powered, topical talk show Zooma Zooma Zoom Zoom with Philip O'Hara.


Logic limited, ltd.

A clip from Philip & Buddy's Super Amazing Ventriloquist Bit of Awesomeness at the upstairs performance space of 2A in NYC.


Sometimes people trust Matt with educating their children.






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