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One-Eyed rabbit

One-Eyed Rabbit is an NYC-based production company founded and run by Maren Lavelle and Matt Steiner. We create original work that offers new perspectives through character-driven narratives in order to illuminate the full scope of our shared humanity.

OER’s style consists of intimate, personal stories that exist within dynamic and playful structures. Our films are driven by complex protagonists at a precipice in their lives and we’re interested in shining a light on characters who aren’t typically in the spotlight of mainstream narratives.

One-Eyed Rabbit Projects

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Maya is a short film about a Queer NYC stage manager reflecting on her break-up while trying to manage the rehearsal of a play about a gay couple falling in love.


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Keeper is a short film about two adult brothers who are forced to renegotiate their tumultuous relationship after a traumatic accident leaves one of them disabled and the other must care for him. 

other film Projects

"Remember all those fun slasher movies in the 90s, like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer? This amusing new horror comedy short film titled The Thing I Never Told You is a wacky spoof sort of inspired by those movies and is as odd and goofy as they come." -

The Thing I Never Told You was co-written, produced by, and stars Larissa Gritti, Lynn Justinger, and Matt Steiner, and was directed by Matt Steiner.